Work from home is now the new normal

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With the rise of covid, a new culture of working has been established i.e., Work From Home, especially in the field of Information and Technology. It’s been a year since the pandemic started, and people started to work from the home. In the initial days, it was very much difficult to work in this new normal. But as time went on, Work From Home or WFH had become part of the daily routine of any employee.

At the very start with the outbreak of coronavirus disease, companies decided to move on a temporary WFH, with a thought, that once the pandemic gets into control, normal working from the office will get started. But as time went most of the companies decided to make the WFH a part of their company culture.

This WFH routine makes the companies internal working and client delivery process faster, as now the time which was previously not get utilized started to getting utilized. Previously many people use to spend an average of 16 to 20 Hrs a week in their daily commute from home to office and back. Now they can use these hours in the office work or daily routine work.

Since everyone has adopted this new way of working, it has both good and negative factors.

The good factor of Work From Home is

  1. Time of commute is now can we utilized more productively
  2. Cost is also getting saved, as no commute is there, so the cost of fuel for a personal vehicle, uber or metro is now being saved
  3. People can spend more time with their loved ones
  4. From a company perspective now most of the meeting are being taken remotely, this helps the company to expand the business
  5. WFH created lots of opportunity for freelancers, as they now can work remotely and can work on multi projects

The downside of Work From Home is

  1. Work-life balance is getting disturbed, as offices are now not limited to 9to5
  2. People are becoming lazier, as now they did not need to step out of the house
  3. As per the study, a major health issue is also occurring in people, especially from the field of Information and Technology, as they are sitting continuously in front of the screen.
  4. Socializing ability is also degrading in people, as WFH created a barrier with the outside world.

In our opinion, companies should take a step forward to tackle the problem of their employee’s work-life balance. Companies should plan some activities where their employees need to interact with people have some recreational activities.

Being a technology company, where we are dealing with a remote team, we know how these negative factors are affecting the psychology of a person. And to resolve these negative impacts we have created an environment where we have restricted ourselves to a fixed timing so that the work-life and personal life of the teammate can be balanced and the person can spend quality time with their loved ones. We periodically schedule some recreational activity so that it makes our teammates more socialize.